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About a year ago, Sora had scarified himself in order to keep Kairi’s heart beating. Over that year, Kairi had become depressed and was going through Sora’s personals in his room. She had found a picture of a pretty little blonde girl, whose eyes were as blue as the ocean. Intrigued, she had gone to find this girl. Finally, she had found Naminé and they had become best friends. Naminé hears that Sora had died, and does everything she can to ease Kairi’s pain. Since she’s a witch who can twist or create memories, she decides that once Kairi’s sleeping, she’ll edit her memories to make her forget about Sora, and remember herself in Sora’s place. Not knowing how close they were, Naminé smiles as the months go by, knowing that Kairi’s in high spirits.


Kairi’s in Naminé’s beautiful white room, where the two are chatting. “Don’t you want to know the truth... about who you really are?” Naminé says slowly, as Kairi thinks about her past on the island. Kairi then remembers how Naminé was the only one on that island, and begins to think suspiciously that Naminé’s done something to her. All those months of guilt finally came together in the words that Naminé then spoke. “I had to take apart the memories chained together... but now I’m putting them together all exactly the way there were.” Kairi laughs and smiles, and takes Naminé’s hand as they go into the ‘special room’.
“We will meet again,” Naminé says hastily, even if she knows she might be deceiving her love.  Kairi looks up in surprise and walks into the large, memory machine that Naminé directs her too. She collapses down on the ground and listens to Naminé’s words. “I may not know it’s you, and you may not know it’s me.” Her voice sounds like it’s going to cry, which causes Kairi’s heart to have a pang of guilt. If only she had said no to this option and stayed with her, keeping her altered memories. “We can talk about everything,” Naminé promises, as a tear slides down Kairi’s cheek. Kairi then reaches out to touch a distressed Naminé as she speaks, “Someday soon,” with a guilty expression. The doors of the machine then begin to close, and just before they do, Kairi whispers, “Promise?”
Once Kairi’s gone, Naminé falls to the floor and shakes head, and speaks without words. “No.”

She takes out her drawing pad and then begins to draw Kairi’s new memories, showing that she’ll have friends, her wonderful body, and will be the in right environment to recover. Naminé guiltily makes sure Kairi’s near her castle, wanting to observe her from afar. She shudders as she knows that Kairi will not remember a single thing of her, but will remember a blurry, embrace, giving her something to search for.

Two years later, she’s grown up and matured into an older teenager. On her sixteenth birthday, she begins to hear Naminé’s voice and questions if this girl was real or not. She sends out a bottle, hoping that it might reach Naminé and heads off to the castle, which has a strange effect on her heart. Once inside, the pictures on the wall bring back all her memories of Sora, Riku and surprisingly, Naminé. Naminé smiles from her favourite chair, knowing that she’s done well to make Kairi happy again.

Overjoyed that Kairi has found Naminé again, through the darkness of her dreams and memories, she beams and speaks happily, “Thank you, Naminé.” Naminé puts her fingers to her lips, savouring the moment she had been waiting for in solitude, happy for Kairi’s existence.
This is the storyline for my video, [ b r e a t h i n g space ] !

Please read, as this will make the video make much more sense! :D *or maybe even less... because I kind of twisted things around... xD

MangoBliss Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Beautiful story, video, and song. <3
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